For prevention
Contains 130 mg of PAC, the all-important active ingredient when it comes to preventing urinary tract infections.

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CystoPro Forte

For treatment
Also contains anti-inflammatory ursolic acid from common sage which minimizes discomfort from the urethra.

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How does CystoPro work?

PAC or "proanthocyanidins" are compounds that prevent unwelcome bacteria from latching on to the cells lining the walls of your urinary system. 

Cranberries and PAC

The American cranberry (Vaccinium macrocarpon) is the only cranberry containing large amounts of PAC. CystoPro is made from the American cranberry.


Avoiding urinary tract infections

1Dress warm

Urinary tract infections are common during cold weather. Make sure you dress well and shield yourself from the cold.
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2But not too warm

Wearing very tight and non-breathing clothes can create a humid environment that bacteria just love.
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3Go often

Drinking enough liquid and going to the bathroom at least every 4 hours is an effective way to cleanse the urinary tract.
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4Sex life

It‘s very wise to empty the bladder after having sex, as sexual intercourse is known to increase the risk of urinary tract infections.
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Urinary tract infections are more common during and after menopause. Taking supplements that help you minimize the impact of menopause can help you prevent urinary tract infections.
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6Shower instead

It‘s better to take a shower than lying in a bath for a long time. Soapy bathwater can affect pH levels in your body and pave the way for infections.
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